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“It’s not about complexity, it’s about whether it gets stuck in my head or not.”

Step into the mesmerizing world of Art Baker, a hidden gem of mid-20th century jazz. A contemporary of Bill Evans, Baker's compositions, never confined to the pages of the Real Book, resonated in the hallowed halls of smoky clubs. With virtuosic piano skills and a soulful touch, his live performances were legendary. While his name may not be etched in jazz history, those who heard his music know the true magic lies in the uncharted, unscripted spaces of musical genius.

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Art Baker Revival

Stepping into the limelight to honor the enigmatic Art Baker is The Art Baker Revival, a tribute band dedicated to breathing new life into his unrecorded masterpieces. With impeccable precision and heartfelt passion, they bring Baker's compositions to the stage, capturing the essence of a musical era often overlooked. Each performance is a reverent nod to Baker's genius, inviting audiences to experience the magic that once pulsed through the smoky jazz clubs of mid-20th century America. The Art Baker Revival is a testament to the enduring legacy of a musical luminary whose influence continues to resonate, even in the hands of these devoted musicians.

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